Amal Women’s Training Center and Moroccan Restaurant

Catering for coffee breaks and lunches during the GGCA Forum is being provided by Amal Women’s Training Center and Moroccan Restaurant.
Amal Women’s Training Center and Moroccan Restaurant empowers women from disadvantaged backgrounds to become self-sufficient through training in a professional restaurant and catering center setting with the aim of sustainable job placement.
Amal was founded in 2013 by Nora Fitzgerald, an American born and raised in Morocco, Amal center has grown and evolved over years. In December 2013, Amal partnered with the Swiss-based Drosos, an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life throughout the Mediterranean Basin region, a partnership which helped professionalize our operation and make us sustainable in the long term.
The Amal Champions are the brave women who come take the¬†first step towards a better life. They are often from society’s most vulnerable classes such as widows, divorced or single mothers, orphans, former child maids, or women with little or no education.
During their 6 months at Amal, the Champions learn skills related to working in a professional restaurant setting: Moroccan cooking, International cuisine, desserts and service. The trainees also have a variety of enrichment classes: language, health, life coaching and even the occasional horseback riding or yoga session!
Our Champions serve lunch 7 days a week!
A rotation menu so you never get bored. We serve from noon until we run out of food, usually at 3:30. Every day over 100 people partake in the lunches, which are quite a reasonable priced. 1000 TripAdvisor reviews can’t be wrong…believe it or not, we are in the top 3 Marrakesh restaurants! The Champions also accommodate take-out, delivery and catering for events.
Today, Amal has over 100 Champions have graduated from our training program. Thanks to our job placement department and network of ethical employers in Marrakesh, the overwhelming majority of our Champions are now working in jobs that they love and two are about to open their own businesses.

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