GGCA Innovation Awards

GGCA has selected four member organizations for the first ever GGCA Innovation Awards – Seed Grants. These organizations are being recognized for their work implementing initiatives that are women-led, innovative, and address gender-responsive climate change solutions.  Awards will be presented will be presented on Saturday evening at 6pm.


From Global Greengrants Fund: Strengthening Tagbanua women and youth leadership as ancestral domain caretakers and conservation leaders

This project is focused on developing Tagbanua women and youth leadership, helping define and strengthen women’s and young people’s capacities to lead within their indigenous political structure and their local organizations, and training women and youth on science-based conservation methods so they can lead and implement their own community conservation initiatives. The latter aims to interphase indigenous knowledge, systems and practices (IKSP) with science-based conservation approaches, to further promote Tagbanua culture and IKSP, complemented with science-based approaches in adaptation and conservation.


From Centro de Planificación y Estudio Social (CEPLAES), Forests, Women’s Rights, and Climate Change in the Amazon and Coastal regions in Ecuador

CEPLAES has developed methods and strategies for indigenous territories, based on “bottom up” techniques, including capacity building and the knowledge development. This gender-responsive methodology is designed for women, taking into account indigenous women’s daily lives. In part, this project seeks to highlight the knowledge and practices of indigenous women, help them exchange experiences and best practices, and to spread high-quality information to help them analyze their climate realities in order so they are equipped to act on climate change.



Fundación Guatemala / Huairou Commission / GROOTS International: Enhancing the Community Resilience Fund

Fundación Guatemala is working on a Community Resilience Fund with 6 organizations in different regions in Guatemala. The Fund is a mechanism created by Huairou Commission and GROOTS International’s members to channel resources directly to community-based organizations and women’s groups to help them start, scale up and continue community resilience-building and climate change adaptation work. These Fund-recipient organizations are currently implementing resilience practices including: organic agriculture through family and aerial plots; watershed reforestation; Community Hazard and Risks Mappings; seed and tool banks; organic fertilizer and pesticide making workshops; and the conservation and recuperation of traditional clothes, foods and crops. Fundación Guatemala hopes to use its seed grant to continue to scale up the Fund and to introduce clean cookstoves.



Vital Actions for Sustainable Development (AVD): Establishment of a Gender Coalition on Climate Change in Cameroon

This project aims to create a Gender Coalition on Climate Change in Cameroon that will gather together women and men who share the same passion for gender-sensitive and -responsive national and international solutions to climate change. Following the coalition establishment, AVD will conduct an advocacy campaign to lobby the government of Cameroon, through the Ministry of Environment, to enable a long-term gender balance within Cameroon’s UNFCCC delegation, which ADV hopes will bring put gender-responsive policies on the delegations agenda and move Cameroon towards transformational change in addressing climate challenges.

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