Aira Kalela

Aira Kalela

In 1993, Aira Kalela was nominated as the first Director for International Cooperation of the new Finnish Ministry of the Environment, where she established the Finnish international environmental policy. She has also worked in Bonn as Deputy Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Combating Desertification. Ms. Kalela is engaged in promoting the equality and empowerment of women, particularly their active participation in combating climate change.

Ms. Kalela organized the first Women Environment Ministers and Leaders Meeting on Sustainable Development in Helsinki (2002) and negotiated more than 40 references on the role of women in promoting sustainable development in the Johannesburg Action Plan. Her work has lead to the adoption of a major gender decision by the Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC in 2012 and several decisions on nine of the Climate Convention’s major programs.

Gender on the Agenda: Where We Are, Where We Are Going

Plenary Hall

This opening plenary will start with a brief look at the history and work of the GGCA to put gender on the agenda in all levels of climate policy planning and delivery, followed by an esteemed group of speakers to give insight into the main challenges which lie ahead– and thoughts on how alliance building […]