Kalyani Raj

Kalyani Raj

Kalyani Raj has extensive experience working on gender and climate change and has advocated for disaster preparedness, adaptation and mitigation as well as  alternate energy, which she has worked on for over a decade with the All India Women’s Conference (AIWC). For the past four years, she has participated in the UNFCCC processes including attending several COPs where she worked closely with the Women and Gender Constituency. With AIWC, Kalyani draws attention to the wealth of knowledge women have to share on adaptation in terms of traditional knowledge and skills. She has conducted a variety of advocacy workshops including on disaster preparedness and risk reduction as well as socio-economic impacts of climate change on women. She consistently works on bringing the voices of grassroots women to the international level.

From Words to Action: Is it possible?

Plenary Hall

This plenary of leading practitioners will build on Day 1 and look forward to the coming years to discuss what needs to happen in order to move us from words to real action for women and men around the world on climate change.