Laura Carvajal

Laura Carvajal

Laura María Carvajal is a young feminist from Colombia, South America. She is an anthropologist and has a Feminists and Gender Studies Specialization from the National University of Colombia. Laura has worked with peasant women from her country, researching about the recognition of their work, food sovereignty and struggles against extractivism. Currently, she’s part of Urgent Action Fund for Latin America’s team, a feminist fund for the protection and promotion of women’s rights. There, Laura is in charge of the Collaborative Initiative Women, territory and environment, created in 2013 to promote collective strategies of advocacy, solidarity and exchange of experiences and knowledge among the women defenders of the territory, nature and environment in Latin America.

Promoting networking and advocacy of Women Human Rights Defenders in the context of extractive industries and climate change

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Expose the impacts of extractive industries and climate change in women’s lives and the actions taken by Women Human Rights Defenders to protect the environment, land, water and collective territories in Latin America Share the experience of Urgent Action Fund for Latin America on supporting women who protect the environment and human rights and develop practical tools […]

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