Molly Gilligan

Molly Gilligan

Molly Gilligan is a Fellow working with the Global Gender Office, focusing on the Environment and Gender Index. Molly recently earned her Master’s degree in Environmental Policy at Bard Center for Environmental Policy; her thesis developed methodology to quantify a vulnerability score for households in Uganda, with a particular focus on how water security contributes to vulnerability. Her thesis contributed to the African Environmental Stability Project (AESP). Through all that she has learned as part of the gender team, Molly was excited to bring gender considerations into this research project. Molly has policy experience through a legislative internship in the United States Senate working on agriculture, energy, and environment issues in the office of a senator who serves on the Senate Agriculture Committee. Molly has a B.A. in Environmental Geology with a minor in Educational Studies from Colgate University.

Identifying gaps, spotlighting progress: using data tools, monitoring and evaluation systems to track and inspire implementation of gender-responsive action

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The goal of this skill-share session will be to discuss the importance of developing M&E criteria for gender mandates, particularly gender mandates within the Rio Conventions and other international agreements, as well as implementation of a gender-responsive approach in programmes and projects. A key aspect of M&E is developing indicators and collecting baseline data in […]

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