Thelma Ermelinda Tualufo Munhequete

Thelma Ermelinda Tualufo Munhequete

Thelma Munhequete serial entrepreneur, with extensive in hospitality arena underpinned by training in Germany and South Africa born in Mozambique . Of great excitement has been of the performance of Africa Foundation, Mozambique with her own capital and resources . This phenomenal achievements only possible due to the commitment and energy.

Setup and running Africa Foundation offices in Maputo, Mozambique. AFSD provided mentoring and coaching over 3 years period while establishing AFSD, Mozambique. Development professional with cross-disciplinary experience in project Coordination’s , Human resource (Training and Recruitment ) ,project execution at the field level. Capacity of community-based organizations, She has been appointed as the Global Environmental Facility’s Country Contact Point for the Civil Society Network, with a key objective of expanding the CSO network in Mozambique.

Having worked mainly for large hotels chain , her career has spanned the African, European continents living and working in South Africa, Germany, At the end of 2009 she was invited by the Africa Foundation MD to join the organization and to explore the NGO landscape and founded Africa Foundation for Sustainable Development –(AFSD), a for-profit social enterprise with a view to gain a deeper understanding of the developmental and funding practices within the development field. AFSD’s core business is based on sustainable community development within the mining, renewable energy and agricultural sectors. To date AFSD has a footprint in South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and plans to roll-out in Botswana. More information is available at

AFSD is guided by international conventions, the Sustainable Development Goals and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. One of the main challenges of social development is the difficulty of taking small projects to scale. AFSD addressed this by working on a “shareware model”, whereby all the capacity development material and intellectual property is available for re-use on the basis that the receiving parties further improve and enhance the material and therefore contribute to a greater impact going forward.


People, Gender and Policy on a Changing Planet

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A group of women leaders and gender experts from across regions discuss ongoing challenges and opportunities to implement and scale-up gender-responsive climate policy.